Save the pictures I’ll be using: 1 2 3

Step 1
Open up 2 new images sizes 1000×600 px and the pictures of Reese. First off take the dropper tool and take any color from the pictures of Reese and use it as the background color for your layout.

After that is done click the resize button and resize the width to 350 or any other size that you’d like and the height will resize itself. Do that for all the pictures of Reese. [screen shot]

Step 2
After the pictures are resized, now it’s time to make the header. I’ll use this picture as the middle picture. So just copy it by clicking Ctrl-C and pasting it on the blank picture that is white. [screen shot]

Step 3
Now I’ll start blending everything together. So for this part I’ll use this picture:

Now take the selection tool and use the polygon tool and make a selection around Reese. But you want to make the header look blended so only select around her. [screen shot]

Make sure to make the selection as close to her skin and hair as possible on the right side of her. After making your selection, copy the image and paste it on with the other Reese picture. Position it next to the other Reese picture on the left side. Which is why I made the selection so close to her skin and hair.

Step 4
After that deselect by clicking Ctrl-D and take the blur tool and have your settings as mine: [screen shot] and blur the parts that you want to look blended. This is kinda hard to explain so I made a screen shot marking the places to blur. [screen shot]

But make sure to only blur where it’s necessary! You don’t want it to look too noticeable or too messy. Just the parts I did.

Step 5
Now that you have 2/3 of the header done, take the last picture of Reese and make another selection using the polygon selection tool. Here’s what my selection looks like: [screen shot]

Now copy it and paste it on with the other Reese pictures. Again, position it and blur away. If some parts are very noticeable just make a selection around it and use this tool and blur it away. But don’t use it too much or the blurred part will show. If this happens use the normal blur tool and blur around the part which is noticeable.

Now if you made your selection very close to her skin then there shouldn’t be much blurring out to do. Mine so far: [screen shot]

Step 6
Now the header should be almost complete. Now all you can do it add effects, brushes, or blur some more. For this part I like to use this to make it look better. Also, something I’m going to do for this tutorial especially, since most of the picture is white, I like to use the gradient tool to add some color but just a tint of it. Now since Reese has on green I will use the gradient tool and put green into it. Here’s my settings: [screen shot]

Step 7
Now take all your effects have been added, make a selection around the whole header (just the parts with Reese in it!). Now I will be adding a frame to the selection. My settings: [screen shot]
My selection so far: [screen shot]

Step 8
After the frame is added copy the header and paste it onto your layout background that you filled with color already. And move it up. Now make another selection below the header for the content area. You can fill it with any color you’d like. I’ll be using white. After that, you can add text or more effects.

My Result