Save the pictures I’m using:

Step 1
Save this background I made with the help of a texture from a site that is already credited in my credits.

Step 2
Open up the background and all the pictures of Vanessa. Using the selection tool on this setting: make “choppy” selections around each picture of Vanessa except the last one provided. Leave that one alone for now.

Examples of my selections: 1 2 3

Step 3
Now open the last picture of Vanessa provided. Then go to Image >> Rotate >> Free and set your settings as mine:

Step 4
Click to flip it horizontally.

Step 5
Now make a “choppy” selection for it just like the others and copy the picture of Vanessa you just flipped and rotated. Paste it into your background to the left.

Step 6
Do the same for the rest of the pictures. Next to that first pasted picture I placed the picture where Vanessa is wearing a zebra print dress, then the one with the pink dress, and lastly the floral black and white dress.

Step 7
Now select this tool in your tool bar and set your settings as mine:

Step 8
Where the picture of Vanessa is cut off at the bottom which should be the picture with her in a yellow dress and the black and white floral one; make sorta diagonal lines at the bottom to cover up the ends.

Step 9
And on those lines put the name of your site. If your site name does not fit, there should be room in between to place another line.

Step 10
If you made the lines diagonal kinda then when you put your text on make sure to play around with the angle to make it look as if on the line.

Remember! Above zero for the angle makes the text angled down and below zero numbers make the text angled up!

Step 11
Now you can add brushes, effects, text, whatever you want. To get my colorization keep going on with the tutorial.


Step 1
Click and once.

Step 2
Go to Adjust >> Color Balance and set your settings as mine:

Step 3
Go to Adjust >> Gamma Correct and set your settings as mine:

Step 4
Go to Adjust >> Levels and set your settings as mine:

Step 5
I made a selection under my site name and filled it with white to serve as the content area.

My Result