Step 1:
Save this texture by me. It will be the background for the layout.

Step 2:
Open up this texture in Photofiltre and using the Selection tool on the ellipse setting make a selection as big as you want. I made mine in the top left corner.

*Please note that my preview is shown as zoomed out and is really bigger than shown.*

Step 3:
Copy that selection and paste it into your background like mine:

Step 4:
Save this brush. In the bottom right hand of your circle you pasted take the selection tool and make a selection like mine:

Then in Photofiltre click the Masque tool and go to your My Pictures folder. Find this brush and click it to use it. Put your settings as mine:

Yours should look like this now:

Step 5:
Save this picture of Selena Gomez and open it in Photofiltre. Using the dropper tool select two colors from it. I’m using the colors:

Step 6:
Open up two new blank images and fill them with each color. I’m using the orange first. Take the ellipse tool and make a selection on the orange but smaller than your first selection. Copy and paste it onto your layout like mine:

Step 7:
Now make a selection on the yellow and smaller than the selection you made on the orange and paste it on like mine:

Step 8:
Now make a selection on your picture of Selena Gomez and paste it on like mine:

Step 9:
Using the spray tool I sprayed the orange and yellow onto the layout once. You can do it anywhere you want.

Step 10:
I then pressed did the following buttons:
once, and

Step 11:
Add other effects and you’re done!

My Result