Step 1:
Open up a new blank image in Photofiltre, size 500×550, and fill it with black. Save this and this picture of Miley Cyrus.

Step 2:
Take the first picture of Miley and make a selection like mine:

Copy and paste it into the layout into the top left corner and keep the selection on!

Step 3:
Now go to Filter >> Stylize >> Progressive Contour. Make your settings like mine:

I got the pink color by using the dropper and picking a color from Miley’s cheek.

Step 4:
Open up a new blank image and fill it with a gray. It doesn’t matter what shade you choose. Take the selection tool and make a selection. Copy and paste it into your layout like mine:

Step 5:
Now with the original first picture of Miley, resize the width to 275px and the height will change by itself. Take the ellipse tool and make a selection smaller than the gray selection. Copy and paste it in.

Step 6:
Repeat the progressive contour as before but this time with black as the color.

Step 7:
Now take the second picture of Miley and using the selection tool on the polygon setting make a selection like mine. I clicked the grayscale button after making my selection.

Step 8:
Copy and paste the selection into the layout like mine. I then took the selection tool on the polygon setting and made a selection around what I just pasted and did the progressive contour again with black.

Step 9:
Then I made a selection with the selection tool on the rectangle setting and filled it with the pink color from Miley’s cheek by going to Filter >> Color >> Colored Layer.

Step 10:
I then made another selection underneath and went to Filter >> Color >> Colored Layer and filled with the pink color but I made the opacity to 40%.

Step 11:
I then pressed did the following buttons:
once, and

My Result