This tutorial shows you how to make a simple layout in Photofiltre and was inspired by a layout by

Step 1
Open up a blank image in Photofiltre 800×600 px and fill it with #333333.

Step 2
Now using the selection tool make a selection in for the body part of the layout. Make it whatever size you want and then fill it with white. Then click Ctrl-C while the selection is still there then click the undo button so that the white part goes away. Click Ctrl-V so that the white part is pasted but it’s centered now. And then just move it quarter of the way down.

Step 3
Using the selection tool on the Ellipse setting make a selection in the left hand corner. Fill it with white.

Step 4
Make sure the selection is still around it and click (A) so you’re using the selection tool now and make the selection smaller than the original selection.

Step 5
Fill it with whatever color you want. I filled it with #33CCCC.

Step 6
Now go to Filter >> Stylize >> Drop Shadow and set your settings as mine.

Step 7
Now make the selection smaller once again. But make it look like this:

Step 8
Now click on your color palette but the color on top. For mine it’s the teal color.

Now on the side of the Color pop up thingy, you can make the shade of your color lighter or darker. Make it slightly lighter.

Step 9
Fill your selection with the lighter color.

Step 10
Now repeat steps 4-9 for two more circles but move those circles to the right.

Step 11
Click , , and in that order once.

Step 12
Add text and effects and you’re done!

My Result