This is a tutorial by request to learn how to make this style of layout in Photofiltre. The coded layout was made by me so please credit if you decide to use that layout and/or this tutorial.

Step 1
Open up a new image document in Photofiltre size 800×600 and save this blend I made for you. You can use any blend or picture you want for this layout.

Step 2
Using the Dropper tool, I selected a color from the blend and filled in the blank image. I used this color:

Step 3
With the blend I made up on Photofiltre, copy and paste it onto the blank image and move to the upper left hand corner of the image.

Step 4
Click Ctrl-D twice to make the selection go away. Now using the Selection tool make two selections like mine one at a time and fill them with white or whatever color you want. These will be the body content and side bar. They don’t have to be the same exact size as mine.

Step 5
Now make a selection on top of the parts that you just filled in and go to Filter >> Stylize >> Progressive Contour and set your settings as mine:

Mine looks like this so far:

Step 6
Now for the fun part, save these brushes I got from Swimchick to your computer.

Step 7
Now with any one of those brushes, using the Selection tool on the polygon setting make a selection around one brush and press Ctrl-C, Shift+Ctrl-V. I made a selection around this brush.

Step 8
Now on your color palette, choose a color that you want using the dropper tool in your blend that you want the brush to be colored. If you want to use the same color as me, save my example below and use the dropper tool to get that color.

Step 9
Now on your brush, press Ctrl-C to copy it. Now go to your layout image; go to Edit >> Paste Special >> Mask. Now your brush should appear on your picture in the color you picked. Move it around to where you want.

My brush, if you used it, it will look very light so that you can see the picture underneath. To get rid of this I moved the brush into the position I wanted and then repeated this step and pasted the same brush on top.


If you want, you don’t have to double the brushes on top of each other because you can just cover the parts where you see the picture underneath with text or something. Don’t forget, you can resize the brush after you paste it if it’s too big using the selection line around it!

Step 10
These are the colors I used:

These are the brushes I used if you want to use the same as me.

This is how mine looks so far:

Step 11
Click twice and once.

Step 12
Go to Filter >> Color >> Colored Layer and set your settings as mine:

Step 13
Now add more effects or text. My text was white, size 35, bold, and the font name is Violation.

My Result