Save the pictures I’m using: 1 2 3

Step 1
Open up a new file size 850x550px in Photoshop. Make sure the background is transparent.

Step 2
For all the pictures of Taylor provided go to Image >> Image Size and change the height so that it is 400px.

Step 3
Take the first picture provided and paste it into the layout file. Move it over to the left. Take the second picture provided and paste it into the right of the background.

Step 4
Take the last picture provided and paste it in between the two other pictures. Click the eraser tool (E) and set your settings as mine.

Step 5
Start erasing the overlapping parts of the middle picture.

It should look like this after you’re done erasing :

Step 6
Now go to Layer >> New Fill Color >> Solid Color and fill with whatever you want. I filled it with #596b77. After you filled the layer drag the layer below Layer 1.

Step 7
Now using the Rectangular Marquee Tool (M), zoom in and select the area below the Taylor header. Fill that area with whatever you want, preferably a light color because it will be the content area.

Step 8
Merge all the layers by clicking Ctrl+Shift+E.

Step 9
Now add effects, text, brushes, etc. to your layout! To get my effect, I used this action.

My Result