This layout is really simple, there’s really no specific name for it as it was a request so I just made up the name as a Boxy Layout.

Please credit me for this tutorial. Though it was simple, it took a very long time to make the templates. Credit would be very much appreciated. :)

Step 1
Save these pictures and open them up in Photoshop: One, Two, Three

Also, save these base images. Base 1, Base 2, Template

Step 2
Open up the template in Photoshop.

Step 3
Open up the first image of Ashley Greene and press Ctrl-A then Ctrl-C to copy it.

Step 4
Then open up the Base 1 image and paste it by pressing Ctrl-V.

Step 5
Then using the Move Tool (V) move it into whatever position you want.

Step 6
Press Shift+Ctrl+E to flatten the layers.

Step 7
Then copy and paste the image into the template provided.

Step 8
Then go to Layer >> Layer Style >> Stroke.

Step 9
Now copy the other two images into Base 2. Copy and paste them into the template.

Your layer palette should look like this:

Step 10
Add effects and you’re done!

My Result