Save these pictures: 1 2

Step 1
Ok first, make a new image 1000×550. Make sure it’s transparent. It will be your work space and the image the layout will be on.

Step 2
Firstly the images are a little too big so resize them to the size that’s good for you using this button.

Step 3
Now take the first two pictures and blend them together on the transparent image. Here’s mine so far.

After the pictures are blended go to Layers >> Merge >> Merge Down.

Step 4
Now that your pictures are blended take the Freehand selection tool and make the selection type as Smart Edge.

Now select around the picture. But make sure to keep the top and left sides straight. Make the right and bottom edgy. But first take the eraser tool and erase away some of the bottom and then make your selection so that its more edgy. Here’s how mine looks like so far.

Step 5
Now copy that selection by pressing Ctrl-C and make a new raster layer. Now use any color as your background. I tend to use the dropper tool and find colors in the pictures themselves because they match. I filled the new layer with a lighter color. And chose a dark color from her shirt.

Next, take brushes with the darker color and put them on the layout image. Around where the edges of the blend will go. I like to use more splatter and abstract brushes with this part because I feel like it makes it look better. Here’s mine so far.

Step 6
Now take the blend and paste it on top of the background. While the selection is still showing, I like to add a drop shadow by going to Effects >> 3D Effects >> Drop Shadow.

Now add text, effects, brushes, anything you can think of.

My Result