Save these pictures: 1 2 3

Step 1
Open up the pictures in Paint Shop Pro and a 2 new blank images size 1000×600. One will be the layout itself and the other will be the work space.

Now take the dropper tool or click E and pick any color from the pictures of Miley and use it as the layout background color. After that, lets begin the header piece of the layout.

Step 2
If the pictures of Miley are to big for you, you can resize them. Mine are a little big for the workspace so I will resize it by 70%. [screen shot]

Step 3
Now that all the pictures are resized, take one of them and copy it by clicking Ctrl-C and pasting it as a new layer on the workspace image by clicking Ctrl-L. Do the same with the other picture. Now you should be on raster 3. [screen shot]

Step 4
Now take the eraser tool (X) and start erasing away parts of the overlapping picture. But leave Miley alone! If you want it to look more precise take the selection tool >> set it as freehand selection >> and as point to point. [screen shot]

After you are satisfied with it repeat this with the last Miley picture. [screen shot]

Step 5
After all your Miley pictures are blended, merge all the layers. [screen shot]

The transparent background should now become white. Now you can add brushes, textures, scripts, or whatever you want to it. When I’m using brushes for a layout, I like to use colors that match the colors of the pictures. So for this layout I will be more reds, blacks, tans, and whites.

One of the things I’m adding are color bubbles. If some of the blending is noticeable you can cover them with the color bubbles which is what I am doing. Also, if some of your blending is a tad noticeable you can go over that will the soften tool to “hide” it. [screen shot]

Step 6
Now that all your brushes, effects, and what not have been added, take the selection tool and have the selection type as Rectangle and make a selection around your header. [screen shot]

Note, you only want the part with Miley in it. Not the white space. And make sure all your layers merged down fully. To do this go to Layers >> Merge >> Merge All.

Step 7
Now paste your selection as a new image. Now add a border by going to Image >> Add borders. And have your settings however you want. [screen shot]

Step 8
Now copy the image and go to the layout background picture and paste it as a new layer by clicking Ctrl-L. It should paste in the center of your background image. Take the Move Tool (M) and move it up a bit. Try to keep it centered as you move it up.

Step 9
Go to Effects >> 3D Effects >> Drop Shadow. [screen shot] [screen shot]

Step 10
Go to Layer >> New Raster Layer to mak a new layer. Then take the selection tool and make a selection like mine. [screen shot]

Now take the Flood Fill Tool (F) and fill it with any color. I’ll be using black because it matches the pictures. [screen shot]

Step 11
Now you add a drop shadow but this time make the color black. Then take the selection tool and zoom in by using this button. and select all of the black that is on top of the Miley header. [screen shot]

After it is selected click Ctrl-X and it should disappear leaving only the black bar on the background not on the Miley header.

Step 12
Now your layout should be done. You can edit the rest or do whatever you please to it. I will be adding a content area by making a selection, adding a new raster layer, and filling it with white.

My Result