Before and After

Step 1
Save the following:
Pictures: click here

Step 2
Open up the image in PhotoFiltre. Make two duplicates so that you have three pictures of Kevin all together.

Step 3
On one of the duplicates, go to Hue/Saturation and set my settings as yours.

Step 4
On the second duplicate, do this:

Step 5
Now on the original image, go to Edit >> Define Pattern.

Step 6
Copy the red image and paste it on the original. Move it over to the right like mine:

Step 7
De-select so the selection lines go away.

Step 8
Using the Clone Stamp tool with Pattern checked, Opacity and Radius at 100, erase away most of the red until it looks like this. You want to keep the red parts that extend over the original picture of Kevin there.

Step 9
Go to Edit >> Define Pattern.

Step 10
Copy the blue picture and paste it onto the original. This time move it over to the left and erase away most of the blue picture leaving the edges.