Before and After

Step 1
Open up your picture you want to add notebook spirals to along with this texture in Photofiltre.

Step 2
Open up the texture and make sure your color palette looks like this, you can make it a different color if you want but that will make the spirals that color too.

Step 3
Click Ctrl-C to copy the texture.

Step 4
Now on the picture of Miley or your picture, and go to Edit >> Define Pattern.

Step 5
On the Miley picture go to Edit >> Paste Special >> Mask. If you want the size of the spirals to be bigger or smaller, using the selection lines on top and bottom, move them up or down to adjust the size of the spirals.

Step 6
Now using the clone stamp tool, if you don’t want the texture on top of Miley, just the spirals, then use the Clone Stamp tool and erase the parts you want to go away. I erased the parts on top of Miley to make her brighter.