Step 1
Find the font that you want to download. I recommend or you can always Google the name of the font if you know the name and it’s not on

Step 2
Now when you find your font, I’m using DaFont as my example website, click the download button.

Step 3
Now depending on your brand of your computer and the operating system it’s using:

You will either get a pop up from your computer asking if you want to save the file or open it which may look like this (Mine is HP):

Or will get something like this IF you are using Firefox right now like me (Dell):

in which I clicked Open with Windows Explorer.

Either way you will need to extract the font file. There should be a button somewhere saying extract. For my second option my extract button looked like this:

Step 4
When the file is extracted it should bring you to the folder where the extracted file is. It should usually extract to your My Documents folder but I set mine up that it opens into the Downloads folder. Now open up the task bar and start search and go to your Fonts folder.

Step 5
Drag the extracted font file into your Fonts folder and it should install itself. Mine looks like this when it installs:

Step 6
Now just open up Photofiltre and look through your fonts while adding text and it should be there!