Before and After

Step 1
Open up this this picture of the beam and save it.

Step 2
Open up the picture you want to use. Get mine here.

Step 3
Open up the picture of Selena in Photofiltre. Go to Edit >> Define Pattern.

Step 4
Using the dropper tool select a color from the picture of Selena or pick a color from the color palette. Now open the picture of the beam. Go to Edit >> Paste Special >> Mask. Your beam should have changed from black to whatever color you picked.

Step 5
Now go to your picture of Selena and go to Edit >> Paste Special >> Mask. Resize the selection and make it smaller so that it fits with your picture and looks right.

Step 6
Hit Ctrl-D twice to make the selection go away.

Step 7
Now using the clone tool erase the alternating parts of the beam on top of Selena’s body.