Before and After

Step 1
Open up your picture and go to Image >> Duplicate or click CTRL-U to duplicate the image.

Step 2
Now using the Paintbrush tool and select whatever size you wanna use. Now make a sprial going down the picture like mine:

Step 3
Now take the selection tool and put it on the Polygon setting and select all of the spiral like mine. If the picture is too big when you zoom in that you can’t select all of it you can do it in parts like I am doing.

Step 4
Now go to Filter >> Stylize >> Progressive Contour and set your settings as mine:

Step 5
Now after you did the glowing effect on it with the Progressive Contour take out the duplicate of the picture. Take the selection tool and take parts of the picture and paste them over into the other picture of Vanessa with the beams and cover alternating parts. This may seem confusing but you’ll get it afeter a few tries.

Step 6
Now if you have missed some parts while doing the Progressive contour part and it your picture ends up looking like this

Well then take the blur tool and set it to precise and blur it out.

Step 7
After that, add some effects or whatever you want! I clicked and a few times and also went to Adjust >> More Shadows. Now this effect may not look so well because Photofiltre does not support layers but after lots of practice this effect can look amazing unlike mine!