Yes, I have discovered a new method to blending in Photofiltre. I just revolutionized the way everyone blends in PhotoFiltre! Please, hold the applause. I know I’m amazing but applause is too much. ;) Please credit!

Step 1
Open up a new image in Photofiltre and these images of Ashley Greene: 1 2

Step 2
On the blank image, copy the first image and paste it.

Step 3
Go to Edit >> Define Pattern.

Step 4
Go to the other image of Ashley and copy it by pressing Ctrl-C.

Step 5
Go back to the blank image and paste it. Move it to where you want.

Step 6
Press Ctrl-D twice to make the selection lines go away.

Step 7
Click the Clone Stamp tool and set your settings as mine and erase the parts that overlap:

You can change the opacity of the Clone Stamp tool and make it higher if you want it to erase faster. In some parts I erased mine at an opacity of 50.

Step 8
When you’re done, using the selection tool make a selection around the blend and press Ctrl-C. Then Ctrl+Shift+V.