Save these pictures of Selena Gomez here and here.

Step 1
Ok, open up the pictures in Photofiltre. Now you can resize them however you want. Just for convenience I’m going to resize them so that their widths are at 200 pixels.

Step 2
Make a new file size 320×300. Yes indeed a strange size combo but it’s ok for tutorial purposes. Take on of the pictures and copy it and paste it into the blank file. Move it over to the left as in my example.

Step 3
Now take the selection tool and use this setting and make a selection around the second picture of Selena. But make the left side selection as close to Selena as possible and completely select the right side. Yes it doesn’t make much sense but the screen shot makes up for it.

Step 4
Now copy that selection and paste it into the blend. Position it where it looks best for you.

Step 5
Now take the blur tool and set your settings like mine.

Then blur away the parts that are noticeable. I have marked the places to blend for you.

But this may be different for you because your selection will not be the same as mine. Just blur the parts that “stick out”. Don’t blur too much because it will be noticeable. Also, if the parts that “stick out” are a lighter color and somewhat match the color behind them and change the opacity of your blur tool. But if you wanna be a little extreme you can use the smudge tool to blend but this tool may not always be the best. But it works for this blend so I’ll be using the smudge tool at it’s default settings.

Step 6
After you blur away the noticeable parts you can add effects. If you need ideas or colorizations I have plenty of tutorials for you.

My Result