Before and After

Step 1
Open up the picture of Miley and a blank image in Photofiltre.

Step 2
Using the Selection tool on the Ellipse setting, make a selection around any part of the picture.

Step 3
Now press Ctrl-C to copy it and go to your blank image and paste it by pressing Ctrl-V.

Step 4
Now go back to the picture of Miley and move the selection to a different part of the picture but make sure the part is close to the original selection.

Step 5
Now go the blank image and paste it again. Now zoom in to about 500% and move the selection into place like mine:

Step 6
Now make another selection on the picture of Miley.

Step 7
Paste it into the blank picture and move it into place again.

Step 8
Keep adding more “bubbles” as you want.

Step 9
Now just make a selection around the entire “bubble” picture of Miley you assembled on the blank image and press Ctrl-C. Then press Ctrl+Shift+V.