Before and After

Step 1
Open up your picture in Photofiltre and select the selection tool and on the rectangle setting.

Step 2
Make a selection on your picture like mine.

Step 3
Click Ctrl+C to copy it and open up a new image any size you want. Paste it in and then paste it in again diagonal from it like mine:

Step 4
Now make a selection like mine and fill it with any color you want.

Step 5
Do it again diagonal from it so that it looks like mine.

Step 6
Now zoom into your picture and make a selection around your checker pattern and make sure that on the left and top side that there is one pixel of white.

Step 7
Now go to Edit >> Define Pattern.

Step 8
Now go to the picture you want to paste it on as a pattern and go to Edit >> Fill with pattern.

Step 9
Now just add effects. I clicked five times.