Step 1
Save the following and open up all the images in PhotoFiltre:

Pictures: Taylor, Kevin

Step 2
Make duplicates of both of the pictures you saved so you have two of each picture.

Step 3
For each of the pictures of Kevin, press these buttons so that one is a sepia color and the other is gray.

Step 4
On one of the pictures of Taylor, do this tutorial.

Step 5
Do the first two steps of this tutorial on the second picture of Taylor. Then press the Contrast (+) button twice.

Your pictures should look like these now:

Step 6
Now we’re going to assemble the pictures to look like this. Copy the gray picture of Kevin and go to either picture of Taylor. Then go to Edit >> Paste Special >> Assemble and choose Right.

Step 7
Copy the other picture of Taylor. Go to the Sepia colored picture of Kevin. Then go to Edit >> Paste Special >> Assemble >> Right. Now you should have two pictures that look like these:

Step 8
Now on the picture with Kevin a Sepia color, copy that picture. Go to the other dual picture. Then go to Edit >> Paste Special >> Assemble >> Bottom.

Step 9
Now the fully assembled picture should have all four pictures in it. On the picture, go to Selection >> Select All so the entire picture is selected. Now on the Tool bar on the side, press the Ellipse button on the Selection tool settings so that your Select All turns into a circle.

Step 10
Copy and paste as new image. My background is blue because the color in my Color Palette is blue. It doesn’t matter what color the background is.

Step 11
Image >> Image Size and change the width to 250.

Step 12
Now go to Selection >> Select All. Press the Ellipse button so that the selection turns into a circle again.

Step 13
Now on the corners of the Selection, move it in a little. We’re doing this so that when you paste it, you won’t copy any of the color of the background on the Circle cut out. In my case, you won’t see any of the blue background on the final picture.

Step 14
Copy and paste it onto the picture with all four of the pictures. It should paste directly in the middle.

Step 15
When you paste it, the selection lines around it should be a square shape. Press the Ellipse button in the Selection Tool settings again.

Step 16
Go to Filter >> Stylize >> Progressive Contour.

Step 17
De-select and press the Contrast (+) button once.

Final Result