Before and After

Step 1
Open up your image in Photofiltre and make a duplicate of it by going to Image >> Duplicate.

Step 2
Make one of them gray by clicking the gray scale button.

Step 3
Using the Selection Tool on the Ellipse setting make a selection around where you want the color to be. I’m making mine the face.

Step 4
Right click on your selection and check only the following and then click ok:

Step 5
Right click on your selection again and click Invert Selection.
Now make sure your color palette is like mine:

And then right click on the selection again and select clear. It should now look like mine:

Step 6
Now click Ctrl-D or to deselect.

Step 7
Now go to Filter >> Visual Effect >. Gaussian Blur and put it to the maximum setting (30) but I put mine to 20 because my selection was small.

Click Ctrl-C or go to Edit >> Copy to copy it.

Step 8
Now click the undo button or Ctrl-Z a bunch of times until you go all the way back to the original picture you started with.

Step 9
Now go to Edit >> Paste Special >> Assemble and make it assembled to the right.

Now copy that entire picture by clicking Ctrl-C or going to Edit >> Copy.

Step 10
Now going to the duplicate image you made of the original picture that is now black and white, go to Edit >> Paste Special >> Image with linked mask.