Step 1
Open up your picture in Photofiltre. Make a new blank picture in Photofiltre and fill it with black.

Step 2
With your picture, the one you want to be floating, using the selection tool on the Ellipse setting make a selection on your picture.

Step 3
Copy and paste it onto the black picture. Move it off near a corner but don’t make it touch any sides.

Step 4
Now click in your tool bar so that the selection looks like an ellipse instead of a rectangle.

Step 5
Now go to Filter >> Stylize >> Progressive Contour and set your settings as mine:

Step 6
Repeat Step 5 two more times so that overall you did that 3 times. Click Ctrl-D to deselect.

Step 7
Using the Blur tool blur the areas around the picture that may look like this:

Step 8
Go to Filter >> Color >> Colored Layer and set your settings as mine: