As in any graphic design program there are “shortcuts” to using the tools. Here I will provide you with the shortcuts.

Keyboard shortcuts

CTRL+B: Stroke and fill
CTRL+H: Image size
CTRL+J: Show image properties
CTRL+K: Repeat the last filter (Filter menu)
CTRL+L: Show / Hide the tool pallet
CTRL+N: New image
CTRL+O: Open an image
CTRL+P: Print current image
CTRL+Q: Quit PhotoFiltre
CTRL+R: Revert the image with last saved version
CTRL+S: Save current image
SHIFT+CTRL+S: Save the image under a new name
CTRL+U: Duplicate the image currently being edited
CTRL+W: Close active image
CTRL+Y: Redo last action
CTRL+Z: Undo the last action
SHIFT+CTRL+Z: Fade last action


K: Pipette tool
L: Magic wand tool
M: Line tool
N: Fill tool
O: Spray tool
P: Paintbrush tool
Q: Advanced paintbrush tool
R: Blur tool
S: Smudge tool
T: Clone stamp tool
U: Scrolling tool
A: Selection tool
-A: Rectangle selection
-B: Ellipse selection
-C: Rounded rectangle selection
-D: Rhombus selection
-E: Bottom base triangle selection
-F: Left base triangle selection
-G: Top base triangle selection
-H: Right base triangle selection
-I: Lasso selection
-J: Polygon selection

Selection, Paste, and Text

CTRL+A: Select all
CTRL+C: Copy image or selection
CTRL+D: Show / Hide selection
CTRL+E: Show / Hide the image explorer
CTRL+G: Show manual settings window for the selection
CTRL+I: Invert selection
CTRL+T: Add text
CTRL+V: Paste clipboard contents
CTRL+V: Paste clipboard contents as a new image
CTRL+X: Cut the image or selection
ESC: Cancel paste or text / Hide selection