Step 1
Open up a blank image in PhotoFiltre. Make sure it’s the same color as the background of the body content as your website because the transparency in PF isn’t good.

Step 2
Using the Selection Tool, make a rectangle on the image and click the PhotoMasque tool. You can use one of their preset images or upload your own to that folder to put in your divider. I’m using a default image of bubbles.

Step 3
Some of the image may be cut off due to the selection box. Deselect and use the Paint Brush tool to erase those cut off images.

Step 4
Use the Line Tool and make two lines over your PhotoMasque images.

Step 5
Press Ctrl-D or the Show Selection button and redo the PhotoMasque without changing any settings in order to make the brush image darker. Don’t forget to erase the cut off brushes again.

Final Result