I’ll be using this picture of the Great Wall of China.

Step 1
Select 1/4 of the picture to the right.

Then go to Menu Filter>>Color>>Gradient. Or just click the gradient button.
Color 1 : White, Opacity 0%
Color 2 : Black, Opacity 70%
Direction Left To Right

Step 2
Hide the selection by clicking CTRL-D. Now go to Menu Filter>>Deform>>Trapezoid/Perspective

Background : Black
Vertical axis,
Left Distort : 100%
Right Distort : 90%

Step 3
Duplicate the image by going to Image>>Duplicate. Select all and go to Edit>>Clear. Now hide the selection by clicking CTRL-D. You should now have another picture that is white. Now you can add text and do whatever to your picture.

Step 4
After the text is added, select 1/4 of the picture again and repeat the gradient step. But this time the direction is Right to Left. After the gradient is added, repeat the Trapezoid / Perspective step with the settings as:
Left Distort : 90%
Right Distort : 100%

Step 5
Now copy the picture with the text and now click the other picture. Go to Edit>>Paste Special>>Assemble.

Put the assemble clipboard data at right.

Final Result