Step 1
Save the following:
Background: Background
Pictures: Miley 1 , Miley 2
Texture: Texture!

Step 2
Open up all the images in PhotoFiltre. Go Edit >> Define Pattern.

Step 3
On the first picture of Miley, using the Selection tool on the Polygon setting, make a rough cut around Miley and paste it like mine:

Step 4
Using the Clone Stamp tool, erase away the bottom of Miley’s legs.

Step 5
On the second picture of Miley, do the rough cut again. Paste it and erase away any rough edges.

Step 6
To learn how to apply textures, look at this tutorial. However this screen shot should help you. Now we’ll be applying the texture you saved before. Open up the PhotoMasque tool and do what my screen shot shows you.

Step 7
Now where I made circles, if there are other awkward cut off spots like that, use the Clone Stamp Tool to erase them.

Step 8
Add text and effects!

Final Result