Step 1
Open up a new image, size 700×550 in PhotoFiltre. Save this image.

Step 2
Pick a color you want to use as the background color. I’ll be using this color.

Step 3
Now using the Selection tool, make a selection on the left side and fill it with this color.

Step 4
Now with the selection still there, move it over past the current colored bar and fill it in with a lighter shade of the previous color. We’re moving the selection over because we want the second bar to be the same length as the first.

Step 5
Move the bar again and fill it with a lighter shade of the previous color.

Step 6
Now on the picture of Ashley Greene, using the Selection tool on the Polygon setting, make a crude selection around her.

Step 7
Copy and paste it onto the twitter background.

Step 8
Now using the Spray tool with my settings, spray the image however you want.

Step 9
Do steps 2 and 3 from this tutorial, click me!.