Click here to get the picture I’m using.

Step 1
Now open up Photofiltre and a new image size 100×35. For the Vanessa Hudgens picture, click the resize button and resize it to whatever size you want.

Step 2
Now that the Vanessa picture is resized, click CTRL-C to copy it and click the button picture and paste it by clicking CTRL-V. Drag it around to the place that fits you best. I rotated mine with the rotate button.

Step 3
Go to Filter >> Frame >> Simple Frame and set your settings as mine:

Step 4
Now click the Text button and type in stuff. I will be using red color because it matches the picture. And I’m also using the font Skinny.

Note!This font looks best in all capital letters. This font can be found on this website. When you’re done typing click effects and check stroke and change the color to black.

Step 5
Click ok and the text should appear on your button. Right click on the text and a menu should show up. Click manual settings.

Step 6
A new screen should pop up. Now choose the automatic position and the box to the top right.

Step 7
The text on your button should move, without de-selecting right click again on the text and choose manual settings. This time use the manual settings and lower the X and Y settings like mine.

My Result