Step 1
Open up a new image document in Photofiltre and this pattern.

Step 2
Minimize your blank picture so that the pattern in showing only. Go to Edit >> Define Pattern.

Step 3
Now maximize your blank picture so that it’s up again and go to Edit >> Fill with pattern. The blank picture should now be filled with that pattern.

Step 4
Now using the Selection Tool on the Rectangle setting make a selction of how big you want your website header to be. Copy and paste it as a new image.

Step 5
Now click the PhotoMasque button or go to Filter >> PhotoMasque.

Step 6
Now using the Text tool with any pixel font, I’m using 04b_03 (You can find it on, type whatever you want.

Step 7
You may need to adjust the spacing of your words because they may not all fit on one line so you have to move text around and keep clicking OK to see if everything is in place. If it’s not then Undo it and click the text tool again and retry.

Step 8
Now when you have your text all ready and sized up right, go to the Effects option in your Text tool screen.

Check Stroke, the color should automatically be white. If you want to change the color of the stroke (outline) feel free to.

Step 9
Click OK and you’re done! Feel free to do any other effects.

Step 10
I went to Adjust >> More Shadows 3 times.