Click here and save the following picture.

Step 1
Open up the picture in Photofiltre. I have already resized the picture for you but we will need to make it smaller. Open up a new file size 100×100. The typical size for icons. Now you can tell that the picture of Lindsey is a tad large so I wil be resizing it.

First sharpen the image once and then click the resize button and set your settings as mine. [screen shot]

Note not all pictures will have to be resized to this amount.

Step 2
Now copy the picture by clicking Ctrl-C and go to your icon image and click Ctrl-V to paste the copied picture. Now you can move it around to where you want it. I typically like to put it to the side instead of in the middle which is somewhat awkward. That shouldn’t be too difficult, and whether you’re making a party poker avatar or an icon for a forum, it shouldn’t take long to find the ideal area to place the icon, as the middle can obstruct the user’s view of your image.

Step 3
After positioning your picture click to deselect it and now the image can’t be moved around. Now you can add text, effects, brushes, etc.

If you’d like to do the same as I did, then just follow Coloring Tutorial 4 in my Photofiltre section.

My Icon