Step 1
First open up a new image size 640×480. Now using the selection tool on the Polygon setting we’re gonna make selections like mine. [screen shot]

After making your selection like that DO NOT DESELECT! so you can keep making selections.

Step 2
Now you should still be able to make selections. Now just make your selection like mine. [screen shot]

Step 3
Again, just make your selection like mine. [screen shot]

Step 4
Now all you have to do is keep making selections like that to get a sunvector feel. Here’s how my selection looks: [screen shot]

Remember to NEVER right click or all your selections will be wasted if you aren’t done, and if you are done and don’t know how to make your selection complete double click on any spot on your selection.

Step 5
Now take the Fill Tool and fill any part of the selection until it looks like a sunvector.

Final Result