Before and After

Step 1
Open up your picture in Photofiltre and using the selection tool make a selection like this:

Step 2
Right click on your selection and select Invert Selection so that your selection looks like mine:

Step 3
Now go to Filter >> PhotoMasque and set your settings as mine.
Opacity: 100, Mode: Pattern, Tile Mask

Click the folder next to where it says Fill Pattern and go to your My Pictures folder and find a picture or pattern you want to fill in the border with.

Make sure you click so that the preview of the image looks black. This makes the border look like your pattern. If you don’t click this your pattern will look see through.

Try it out and click that button and then select Preview and see what happens.

Step 4
Click ok and you’re done!

Step 5
If you want after you click ok, right click on your selection if it’s still there and select Invert Selection.

Step 6
Go to Filter >> Stylize >> Progressive Contour and set your settings as mine: