Selection Tool: used to make selections. With the options of making a rectangle, ellipse, rounded rectangle, rhombus, bottom base triangle, lasso, or polygon shaped selections.

Pipette Tool: Used to extract colors from pictures. Or otherwise known as a dropper tool. When using simply hover over pictures and click, thus getting you a color.

Magic Wand Tool: Used to make random selections for pictures. This tool is sometimes unreliable because you cannot predict what it will select.

Line Tool: Used to make lines. Width and opacity can be changed using the options below the tool bar. Also, the line tool can be changed to arrows facing either the left or right direction.

Fill Tool:> Used to fill in selections with color. Tolerance and opacity of fill can be changed with options below the tool bar.

Spray Tool: Used to spray color onto pictures. Can also be used to make spotlights as directed in the Color Bubble Tutorial provided. The pressure, dispersion, and radius can be changed.

Pressure, which is the amount of color coming out with one click of the mouse. Dispersion which is how far apart the color particles are from each other. The higher the dispersion the more widespread the color. The lower the more close together the color is. The radius is how big the spray will be.

Paintbrush Tool: Can be used with the options provided. This tool is simple and allows you to make square or rounded strokes.

Advanced Paintbrush Tool: Allows you to make more diverse brush strokes. Though the selection is limited, the size is able to be changed.

Blur Tool: Used to blur images or or to soften out. Can be used to make blends and hide imperfections in pictures. Is very good to make blends with. Precision and opacity can also be changed.

Smudge Tool: Used to make abstract blurring. Not very useful in blending. Precision and opacity can be changed.

Clone Stamp Tool: Can be used to make copies of the selection made. To use simply, define the origin of the clone stamp (what you want to clone) by holding the CTRL key while clcking on the desired spot.

After making the selection drag the clone tool around the image thus cloning the selection made.

Scrolling Tool: Used to scroll around large pictures or when zoomed in. Simple click on the picture and move the mouse to scroll around.