Saving in Photofiltre is pretty simple but if you don’t do it right, your picture may not look that great so here’s how you do it.

When you make graphics in Photofiltre, saving it as .PNG is the best way to save it in my opinion because the other settings make the picture a little fuzzy.

Although you may have heard that saving your picture as .JPG is good, you cannot properly save it as .JPG in Photofiltre without making the picture a little fuzzy so .PNG is your only choice.

To save it as .PNG, go to File >> Save As and a window should pop up. Where it says, Save as Type, click that and choose the setting .PNG.

When you click OK a new window should pop up. Only choose None.

Please not that depending on your picture, it may not have that “high quality” look. If the picture you started out with wasn’t very HQ to begin with, your end picture may not be. If you are wondering why mine look so high quality, it’s because I either start out with HQ pictures or it’s because I make my graphics in Paint Shop Pro and Photoshop.