Before and After

Step 1
Open up your picture in Photofiltre.

Step 2
Make a selection around the top part of the picture that you want as the “top slice”. Press Ctrl-C and then go to Edit >> Paste Special >> Assemble >> Top.

Step 3
Now make a selection around the part you just pasted so you have the same sized selection. Move it down to another part of the picture you want to put as the bottom slice. Copy it >> Edit >> Paste Special >> Bottom.
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Step 4
Now make a selection around the middle part of the picture.

Step 5
Right click on the selection and select Stroke and Fill and make your settings as mine:

Step 6
Click the gray scale button or go to Filter >> Color >> Grayscale.

Step 7
Now using the spray tool with your settings like mine, spray your picture like mine but for each color spray it multiple times so the color shows more.

Step 8
Now deselect by pressing Ctrl-D.

Step 9
Go to Filter >> Frame >> Simple Frame.

Step 10
Click once, twice, once.