Before and After

Step 1
Open up your picture in Photofiltre. Click the selection tool on the Ellipse setting.

Step 2
Make a selection around their faces like mine:

Step 3
Now go to Filter >> Stylize >> Progressive Contour and set your settings like mine and click ok. Do this twice.

Step 4
Now right click on the selection and select Invert Selection and your picture should look like mine now:

Step 5
Now click the gradient tool and set the style to Duotone, Direction to whatever you want it doesn’t matter, and the both the colors to black at 70%. Do this step twice.

Step 6
Now you may have little parts where it isn’t quite perfect like mine. Well just take the Blur tool (R) and have it on Precise and opacity=100 and blur it away.

Step 7
After you blur those away just add effects. I clicked twice and once.