I’m not gonna lie, but transparency in Photofiltre sucks. It’s not the best and can detroy the quality of your image but it’s still netter than nothing and this tutorial will teach you how to make parts of an image transparent.

Before and After

Step 1
Open up your image in Photofiltre and make sure it’s a picture that has a background color that is constant throughout because it works better that way.

Step 2
Take the Fill Tool (N) and fill the background with a random color that you see nowhere in your picture. You must do this because suppose the picture you have is a person with a black background with a black dress; if you use the transparency tool the body of the person with the dress on will disappear too so choosing a color where you see none of it in the picture is crucial. I chose green.

Step 3
Go to Image >> Transparency Color and it will automatically choose the largest amount of color in the picture which in mine is the green. I made the tolerance 0 because the higher you go, the more damaged your picture becomes.

Step 4
Click ok and you’re done! Now just save the picture as .PNG.