Step 1
Open up this picture in Photofiltre along with a new image document 800×600.

Step 2
Copy the picture of Ashley and paste it into the blank image.

Step 3
Now using the Selection tool on the Rectangle setting, make a selection on the left side of Ashley where the background is.

Now press Ctrl-C and then Ctrl-V. Move what you just pasted back into the original spot where you copied it.

Step 4
Now using your mouse, on the left side of the selection line, drag it all the way to the left of the picture so that the white space looks like the background of the original picture of Ashley.

Press Ctrl-D twice to make the selection lines go away.

Step 5
Now go back to the picture of Ashley you saved earlier. Using the Selection tool on the Polygon setting, make a selection around Ashley. The side that you really wanna get precise with this selecting is the left side. You’ll see why later. [screen shot]

Step 6
Now press Ctrl-C to copy it. Now go to the other picture (the 800×600 one) and paste it. Right after you paste it, click to make it upside down. Move it into position.

If some of the sides are messed up, using the Blur tool on the Precise setting and blur it away.

Step 7
Now to put on the beams, go here to learn how.

Step 8
Now add effects and whatever you want!

Final Result