Before and After

Step 1
Open up your image in PhotoFiltre.

Step 2
Go to Edit >> Define Pattern.

Step 3
Then go to Filter >> Color >> Colored Layer.

Step 4
Now using the Clone Stamp tool, erase everything but the teeth.

Step 5
Now using your Selection Tool on the Polygon setting, zoom in and select the teeth.

Step 6
Now just click these buttons as much as you want until you get a result you like.
(1-2 times)
(3-4 times)
(Saturation only 2 times!)
(3-4 times)
When you press these buttons they don’t have to be in order! Just remember don’t press it too many times that it doesn’t look good with the picture!

Step 7
After I finished with the teeth I deselected and pressed the following buttons for the overall picture once: