Before and After

Step 1
Open up your image in PhotoFiltre.

Step 2
Go to Edit >> Define Pattern.

Step 3
Then click the Gray Scale button.

Step 4
Now using the Clone Stamp tool, erase parts of the picture until yours looks like mine. Half of the face should be gray.

Step 5
Now using the Selection tool on the Polygon setting, make a selection around the eye like mine.

Step 6
Now go to Filter >> Color >> Colored Layer and make your settings like mine.

Step 7
Now save this texture. Click the PhotoMasque button and find that texture to use.

Make sure to click the button I circled in red! It should make the preview of the texture white instead of black.

Step 8
Now press Ctrl-A on your keyboard to select the entire picture. Then right click on the image and select Stroke and Fill. I unchecked Stroke and checked Fill.

Step 9
Go to Edit >> Fade Stroke and Fill >> 10%.

Step 10
Click the Soften button.