Step 1
Open up your image in PSP.

Step 2
Using the Pen Tool (V), make your settings as mine. Make sure to have the Mode on Free Hand! Everything else I don’t think matters.

Step 3
Make any scribble you want.
img src=”” alt=””/>

After you let go of the mouse the image will look like this.

Don’t worry if the color of your vector isn’t the same as mine. My color palette had a gradient in it so that’s what my vector came out to be. It really doesn’t matter.

Step 4
Go to Layer >> New Vector Layer.

Step 5
Now click on the Text Tool (T) and move your mouse over the vector so that your mouse looks like this.
img src=”” alt=””/>

When your mouse looks like this, click and type your text. If the position of your text is not right, undo and move the mouse to a different location on the vector and type your text again.

Step 6
Now go to your Layer Palette. There should be a layer in the middle named Vector 1. That should be the layer with the strange looking vector you first made.

Click the eye in that layer so that it makes the strange looking vector go away.

Step 7
Your layer palette should look like this and you should be done!