Save the pictures I’m using: here, here, and here.

Step 1
Open up a new picture size 700×350 in pixels. First up, resize the pictures of Jamie Lynn to about 38% smaller and sharpen them once. Except the one picture of Jamie Lynn with the tiara only resize it to 60%.

Step 2
After that, copy the picture that you resized to 60% and copy and paste it into the header picture. Click M or use the move tool and move the picture to the right like mine.

Step 3
Now copy the picture of Jamie with the toy alligator and paste it into the header. Move it next to the other picture. screenshot

Step 4
Now take the eraser tool or click X and erase away the overlapping part. Just enough so you can see the other picture of Jamie. I’ve marked the parts that you should erase.

Step 5
After that take the last picture where she is wearing a hat and repeat step 4.

Step 6
Now go back to the picture with the tiara only and resize it to 60% and sharpen it. Copy and paste it onto the header. Position it on top of the bigger version of the picture but more to the right so that the bigger one still shows.