Open up your picture and the image mapping tool by going to File >> Export >> Image Mapper. [screen shot]

Now that you have the image mapping tool out, pick this tool and make a box over the first word. In my picture it is TinyPic. [screen shot]

Now after you make the box around TinyPic place the url where it says: “URL:”. Where it says Alt Text: you can put text that you want to hover over when the mouse goes over the link. If that makes any sense. And where it says Target: put where you want the link to open up. Mine will be “_Blank”. Also, make sire to set your format as PNG.

After you have the first word done just make another box around the next word. and keep going from there. After all your words are done click save to clipboard. A new window will pop up asking where you want the HTML Destination Folder to be, the default location is your documents. It’s fine there but you can change it. Click OK and name it. After you name it, click save. Now the code is copied and in your clipboard. Now just paste it.

My code:

Now where it says “../C:/Documents…….” replace everything inside those two quotations with the image url. And now you’re done! Here’s mine.

Tutorial by Hopeless Thunder Tutorial by Hopeless Thunder Tutorial by Hopeless Thunder