Before and After

Step 1
Open up your Paint Shop Pro program. And whip out the Selection tool and choose the Freehand selection and make sure yor settings are set to Freehand.

Step 2
Now go to your picture and make a random selection is any corner of the picture. This may not make sense but my example will clear things up.

Step 3
Now that your selection has been made go to Image >> Greyscale. Now your image should be all grey. Now copy your selection by clicking Ctrl-C and then undo your grey scale.

Step 4
Now open up a new file much larger than your selection. I’ll just use 500×500 because I know it’s way bigger. After you open up a new file paste your selection by clicking Ctrl-E.

Step 5
Now go to Selections >> Modify >> Expand. Set your Number of Pixels to 1 or whatever you want. 1 would look best.

Step 6
After that, copy your selection with the black border on it by clicking Ctrl-C and go back to your picture of Mischa. It should be all color now. And if the selection you made is still showing like it is on mine just click Ctrl-D. The selection should go away. Now click Ctrl-L and your grey selection should show.

Step 7
Now click M or use the Move tool and move the grey selection down or up depending on what you selected and move it to where it belongs so it looks right. On mine I had to make sure the bottom and left border of the selection doesn’t show to make sure I put the grey part in place.

Step 8
I duplicated mine once and set the layer to Softlight.