Before and After

To get the picture I’m using click here.

Step 1
Open up your picture in Paint Shop Pro.

Step 2
Take your Soften Tool and set your settings as mine. Don’t worry about the other settings.

Now take the tool and soften all the areas of the face except for the eyes, eyelashes, lips, and nose holes. You want to soften all the “unperfect” blemishes or unperfections of the face.

Step 3
Now take the Sharpen Tool and set your settings as mine. *Note* the size for the Soften and Sharpen tool may vary depending on your picture. And make sure to use a round brush!

Now sharpen the eyes, eye lashes, and lips.

Step 4
Duplicate the picture and set it to Soft Light at 30% but this step is of course optional. And now your retouch is done!