Twin Oaks: “Not An Exit”

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With influences from someone like Nick Drake, it would be impossible to create bad music. ;) All kidding aside, the influence of Nick Drake and Fiona Apple is evident in Twin Oaks’ sound. Self described as “dream pop/folk,” Twin Oaks’ sound is absolutely stunning. There’s a serenity surrounding their music; a simplicity. Light production, simple yet captivating beats, and airy dream like vocals create images of green pastures and open land. Funny thing, the word “simple” is sung throughout “Not An Exit.”

Vocalist Lauren Brown opens the song singing “Wake up darling, wake up” to a steady monotonous drum beat, taking listeners into the dream world that is Twin Oaks. Brown’s sing song voice is absolutely entrancing. When she is accompanied by Aaron Christopher, their voices compliment each other’s so well. In the second half of the song, more instruments are added and the sound becomes grander, louder; all while staying in the dreamy pop world of Twin Oaks. This track is hauntingly beautiful.

“Not an Exit” is the perfect song for those who enjoy the likes of Andrew Bird, Best Coast, and Seapony.

Also, let’s take a moment to acknowledge that this band’s name is Twin Oaks and the background of their website looks like tree bark. Real punny guys, real punny.

Twin Oaks is Aaron Christopher and Lauren Brown.


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