Two Door Cinema Club: “Changing of the Seasons”

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I contemplated long and hard about whether or not to post this 30-second preview of Two Door Cinema Club’s new single especially since the song will be debuting tomorrow on radio but I decided not to deprive you the auditory pleasure. A little anecdote about my life, I was in the hospital when I got the email update about this new Two Door clip and my mind immediately fought off all the narcotics, making me alert as ever. Nothing has brought me greater joy than knowing Two Door Cinema Club are releasing an EP. Well actually, news that Sam Halliday is getting married in September is up there too.

There was an interview the band did with iHeartRadio’s host Kennedy Nation at Lollapalooza where the band EXPLICITLY told her that an EP was a possibility. To make matters worse, the interview was done DAYS before the official news came out! BUT THIS TERRIBLE HOST WAS TOO DUMB TO REALIZE THE JUICY NEWS THE BAND WAS FEEDING HER. She was too busy doing her own thing i.e. being full of herself. Or maybe their Irish accents made it hard for her to decipher the serious inflection in their answers. Whatever, just a missed opportunity for great content. Just wanted to point that out. Oh and she basically called Sam gay. Good job buddy.


Two Door Cinema Club is Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird, Sam Halliday.


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