Two Door Cinema Club @ Hammerstein Ballroom 10/11/2013

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“This is gonna be the best one yet.”In the midst of Two Door Cinema Club’s seven-week tour, it was a humble final night of back-to-back shows at Manhattan’s Hammerstein Ballroom for the band. This night’s date was “one of the first nights of the tour to sell out,” as stated by a jovial Kevin Baird who looked as though he still couldn’t believe that this young Irish trio had really sold out two nights in New York City. Two Door’s set was sprinkled with comments of the like, from all members of the band, who seemed more than grateful to be playing a consecutive night in the Big Apple. “We started playing to 100 people; now there’s three levels of you,” stated Alex Trimble, as he began the opening to “What You Know,” looking out onto a crowd of eager fans ready to sing every word.

Two Door Cinema Club are known to pack a punch in their seemingly concise albums, leaving no room for half-hearted fillers, and that’s how a performance by the band goes as well. Two Door’s set opened strongly with Beacon favorite, “Sleep Alone,” receiving an explosive and warm welcome from the audience. As the song built to its buoyant chorus, no member of the audience was left sitting as Hammerstein Ballroom instantly turned into a rave-like dance party, helped along by Two Door’s dizzying strobe lights.

“Undercover Martyn” and “Do You Want It All?” followed suit, initiating a vibrant LED screen back drop that was truly stunning. While the flashy lights were cool, they weren’t as stunning as the crowd’s response to Two Door Cinema Club’s latest single, “Changing Of The Seasons,” off the band’s most recent EP. Since its release in August, the synth-loaded power single had everyone charged up, and even had bassist Kevin Baird knocking over his microphone stand. “This is gonna be the best one yet,” vocalist Alex Trimble prefaced before asking the audience to help sing the chorus to “The World is Watching.” And as the audience belted out “I want you with me” along with the band, the smile smirked across Trimble’s face proved his hunch right.

It was a night of complete and total energy, being exerted from both the crowd and Two Door Cinema Club. With Sam Halliday’s frenetic guitar lines running through everyone’s ears that night, it’s no wonder Alex Trimble threw back his chair during “Next Year,” causing the singer to stand for the remainder of the set. But with the kind of show Two Door Cinema Club put on, there’s really no excuse for sitting during their performance. “New York forever has a special place in our hearts,” Trimble stated and following suit, the night appropriately closed out on the lyrics “You’ve known it the whole time.”

Two Door Cinema Club is Alex Trimble, Kevin Baird, Sam Halliday.


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