Go Radio: “I Won’t Lie” Live Video

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You know that feeling when you see a baby or a cute animal and your body’s automatic response is to go “AWW,” quickly followed by “I want to touch it”? That’s how I feel about Go Radio. Does that make me weird? Probably. Oh well, I accept that about myself. Obvious musical talent aside, Go Radio just seem like the nicest bunch of people and that’s something I take into high regard before the music. Anyways, lead vocalist Jason Lancaster and guitarist Alex Reed played an acoustic set of “I Won’t Lie” while on Warped Tour and above is a video of the performance. It’s really cute—in the sense that it makes me feel like I’m sitting in the reading corner of my second grade classroom listening to my teacher read me Lemony Snicket. Anyone? Anyone? Just me? Alright.

Go Radio is Jason Lancaster, Alex Reed, Matt Poulos, Steven Kopacz.

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