Stephen Hunley: “Green Moss” Video

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It’s no doubt that “Green Moss” from Tennessee native, Stephen Hunley, has a country twang about it. What’s more is that the pop influence in the track is undeniable. A quick listen would mark the song as a simple acoustic number. But the thing is, “Green Moss” is anything but simple. The track is laden with nothing but heart wrenching lyrics and attention grabbing melodies. Just listening to the first seven seconds will get any skeptic hooked. This singer/songwriter’s voice is velvety smooth and has a quirk about it that is memorable to that of Stephen Hunley’s. Give “Green Moss” a listen and thank me when you find yourself singing along.

“Green Moss” comes off Hunley’s June 2012 EP release, Movable Parts.

“Until all of the storms fall from the sky, I’ll wait here by your side, To watch our hearts collide”

And can someone tell me how he got footage of the shadows? A camera attached to a headband? Spy glasses?


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